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Goalie Buster course has been moved to "The Pond"!

I have some exciting news for you guys, I've been working hard over the past two years to create an all in one place for hockey players of all skill levels to learn, train, and improve their hockey skills. It's called The Pond and it's the best website to learn how to play hockey and improve your skills.

My entire Goalie Buster course is included in the course library on The Pond and the good news for you is that at the time of updating this page it's only $9.99 for our monthly membership option! Plus you get access to 10+ other courses on shooting, stick-handling, skating, and passing. As well as our skills vault, routines, challenges, and private Facebook group coaching. Soon, we'll even have full programs that will give you easy to follow workouts designed to improve the skills you care about most.

You're not going to want to miss out on getting on The Pond early.

For more information about The Pond and to access my full Goalie Buster course click the button below and join The Pond!

Feedback from snipers who have taken my Goalie Buster course

Jordin E.wrote:
The videos are very helpful already it's awesome thanks! I have ways been a good goal scorer and am playing juniors
next year but always struggled on breakaways but now I have no trouble I'm 2/2
Sent from my iPhone
Nov 9, 2013

NOTE: All videos now work on all mobile devices including iPads, iPhones, etc