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  • Learn From Home

    Learn From Home

    Members log-in and can view the videos anywhere there is an internet connection

  • Pro Examples

    Pro Examples

    You will learn how to do every single move, and then see multiple examples of the pro's doing the moves, just like I explained. I demistify the moves so you can understand exactly how to perform them.

  • Personal Support

    Personal Support

    If you ever have a question about any of the videos, or a suggestion about something you would like to see you can email me. I personally respond to every email

  • You WILL see results

    You WILL see results

    Watching the videos and a bit of practice will pay off in your game. I always get a big smile when I get and email or message on Facebook from a Goalie Buster member letting me know about their sweet goal they scored, thanks to the videos and their hard work. The more you know, the more fun you will have

  • Very Affordable

    Very Affordable

    1 on 1 instruction typically cost over $100 an hour. Group sessions are about $20 a session. For a one-time fee you can get access to hours of training videos any time you need them

  • From time to time I will add new videos to the course based on feedback from members (or maybe you!). These videos are added free of charge to help keep you sharp, and scoring goals!

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Why you need these videos

No one teaches breakaways!

I played minor hockey for my entire childhood and I can not recall one coach who ever personally taught me a breakaway move. Every move I know I had learn by myself. Coaches just don't have the time to personally teach breakaway moves, they are too focused on skating, shooting, passing, systems, breakouts, etc, etc. let me be your personal coach 🙂

  • Players (young or old) will receive new, detailed explanations that coaches do not have time to teach (or simply may not know)
  • I'm obsessed with understanding and teaching each move, you'll be able to tell
  • Adult players who are new to hockey will never be taught how to deke, you deserve to have a few tricks up your sleeve
  • You don't need to be a pro to perform the moves, I include basic to advanced moves
  • You'll learn why the most basic moves work whether you play rec level or pro hockey
  • You'll learn fun moves to use at practice, or even in games if you're brave enough!

After studying the videos you will understand what it takes to beat a goalie, and after some practice you will be able to do it!

What other hockey players are saying

See what players have to say after learning from these videos

I’ve already blasted through the first few videos and had a chance to practice a couple of the moves during warmup…work great! Thanks for putting this material together. I am really enjoying the instruction AND starting to see a difference Dec 2013
D. Wilson
D. Wilson
Adult Rec Hockey
The videos are very helpful already it's awesome thanks! I have always been a good goal scorer and am playing juniors next year but always struggled on breakaways but now I have no trouble I'm 2/2 November 2013
Jordin E.
Jordin E.
AAA Worchester, Massachusetts
Jeremy; finally had time to sit and watch these videos. They are so good! You give so much detail and what a hockey player really needs to watch. So glad I got to see these. Thanks again. Murph - Dec 2013
2000 AAA
If anyone needs confirmation these vids are legit and worth the money. Watched them last night and they are well thought out easy to follow. I also got the stick handling guide at discount which is cheaper than a stick time session. Honestly hope the guys in my area don't read this though ... Jeremy thanks again for these and please keep making them!
Temm Arthur
Temm Arthur
I managed to get a break away and by the half marks I really sold the first deke that I was going to go back hand top shelf but then quickly transitioned back to my shooting side and scored top shelf on the other side. The tendy totally bought into the first deke and slid to the right of me leaving the left side of the net open. Note from Jeremy: This picture doesn't do Elliot justice, in the full pic he's holding an MVP trophy and a massive cheque for $1500 after winning a tournament
Elliot Van Dusen
Elliot Van Dusen
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
Jeremy: I actually used the backward skating deke on a breakaway last night. It was hilarious…went 5 hole on the goalie as he followed me across the crease. I don’t think he ever saw the puck. I really enjoy the training and videos. Thanks again. Ray
Ray Kwiatek
Ray Kwiatek
Hey Jeremy! Great vids, very easy to understand and mimic. I myself don't play but my sons do and a couple of days ago I showed them the vid about how to make the Datsyikian deke. Then my eldest had a game just a few days after and guess what the little guy does on his first breakaway in game??? You got it, he pulls it off and I'm pretty sure the goalie is still wondering what happened, lol. It was crazy, cause he didn't even have any real practice time on the deke either.
Teemu Nyholm
Teemu Nyholm
Great videos, watched them all. Glad you finally let me give you my money for all the hours I've spent on your youtube channel. Note from Jeremy: I wish I could show bigger pictures, this one has Larwence shooting in his back yard and the stick is flexed like a sideways U, I was impressed
Lawrence Ingraham
Lawrence Ingraham
San Jose State University
I've recommended your goaliebuster series to some people in the league who could certainly use them. I scored 5 more goals in the last two games (2 and 3) and got 3 assists too
Alex A.
Alex A.
Rec Player
I got my first pair of skates sophomore year and shortly after started watching your videos. I even got your Goalie Buster videos and stickhandling guide. Now, 6 years later im one arguably the best player on my mens league team and one of the top point producers. I just wanted to personally thank you because I can honestly say if it wasnt for you and your videos I wouldnt be the player I am today
Mens League Hockey - Chicago IL

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