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Why you need these videos

No one teaches breakaways!

I played minor hockey for my entire childhood and I can not recall one coach who ever personally taught me a breakaway move. Every move I know I had learn by myself. Coaches just don't have the time to personally teach breakaway moves, they are too focused on skating, shooting, passing, systems, breakouts, etc, etc. let me be your personal coach 🙂

  • Players (young or old) will receive new, detailed explanations that coaches do not have time to teach (or simply may not know)
  • I'm obsessed with understanding and teaching each move, you'll be able to tell
  • Adult players who are new to hockey will never be taught how to deke, you deserve to have a few tricks up your sleeve
  • You don't need to be a pro to perform the moves, I include basic to advanced moves
  • You'll learn why the most basic moves work whether you play rec level or pro hockey
  • You'll learn fun moves to use at practice, or even in games if you're brave enough!

After studying the videos you will understand what it takes to beat a goalie, and after some practice you will be able to do it!

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